Bar On Affair

At first glance, this affair is totally baffling. Most puzzling of all is the question: What is so special about this particular episode, that it has rocked the entire country and almost brought down the government? Is it not par for the course for politicians to make shady deals and “agreements” amongst themselves. Surely, the examples are many, as has been pointed out in the last few months by those who oppose the investigation. The obvious answer is that the left locked onto the episode in order to bring the government down. But this answer, while it has some truth to it, does not answer the question why they latched onto this PARTICULAR episode, and not another. For sure they could have found a more interesting episode than this one to make a scandal out of. Despite all the media hype and buildup, the affair remains rather boring and lackluster. The answer to this question is critical, and that is why we choose to address this matter, which at first glance is simply one corrupt mafia versus another less corrupt mafia.

The answer is: The Hellenists understand that they cannot rely on getting a majority of the Israeli vote in the elections in order to take control of the country. Therefore, over the past few years, they have fortified their position in the judiciary – the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, etc. With this power, they are able to overturn any decision which they don’t like, by claiming it is “illegal”, or undemocratic, which is a synonym for their hellenist aspirations. Siding with them and at their immediate disposal is the leftist mass media, which gives them complete backing. And so, these two power bases in cahoots, have control of the country. The attempt to make Bar On Attorney General was in essence an attempt by Netanyahu to show who is “boss”. And indeed, Netanyahu is far from being a formidable opponent to battle the Hellenists. On the contrary, he and his friends, the most prominent being Zachy HaNegbi, tried to penetrate the judiciary and find favor in their eyes. But he was rejected, so he thought he can use the position of Attorney General to diminish the totalitarian control of the left. And then the explosion occurred. The entire left mobilized, and so did the court system, including the President, Aharon Barak, for a full scale war.

And so it must he understood: The goal is not to bring down the government. They don’t need it. Only the die-hard politicians were hoping for that. But the major rulers of the country wanted only to bring home a message. Know your place! Know who rules here, and don’t ever dare try to touch our sacred justice system again! This is the “parush” of this entire episode. Netanyahu understands this well. Netanyahu, more than ever, is a crippled politician. He knows he has no real authority, and he won’t ever try again to flex his muscles against them.

Though it is tempting to side with Netanyahu after the hypocritical attacks that are launched against him, one must not join demonstrations of support for him, as many settlement leaders are doing. It must not be forgotten that “Zu Nivayla, and Zu Traifa”. If Netanyahu would learn the lesson of this episode, and courageously engage in a showdown against this clique of the media and judiciary as any wise leader would do, there may be a reason to support him. But as we stated earlier, he learned the opposite lesson. He has concluded that in order to keep a decent image, he has no choice other than to go with them – to go with Aharon Barak, with Edna Arbel and Rubenstein, and even with the media, which is stronger than he is. And so, not only does he continue the same policy of concessions (giving away Hebron etc.) which he engaged in before the episode, but he goes further, as seen in his support for the evacuation of the house in Yizhar. For there are only two choices. Either an all out war against the media and judiciary, or absolute subservience to them. There is no other way. And he chooses the second way, because he is a coward!

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