On Hevron

As we come down to the critical moments for Hebron, we feel it is important to make two comments concerning the message that has been conveyed by the settlement leaders in the struggle for Hebron.

I have no doubt that many think this is the proper strategy. But no. Firstly, by use of such tactics, one misses the point, which is to communicate the clear and uncompromising message that it is forbidden IN ANYWAY to retreat from Hebron, and one who retreats from Hebron will eventually retreat from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, thereby bringing on a Holocaust to the Jews in Israel, G-d forbid. This is the perfect opportunity to successfully communicate this clear and proud message, when all eyes of the world are upon Hebron, and it is a pity to pass it up.

Beyond all this, even from a practical point of view, their approach will not succeed in preventing the withdrawal. The security argument comes off sounding wimpy, as if the Jews of Hebron are asking for favors, instead of conveying that it is the settlers of Hebron who are doing the favor for all the residents of Israel, and not the other way around. But unfortunately, what is happening by emphasizing the security argument, is that more and more people are becoming convinced that there is no choice other than to evacuate the Jews of Hebron, and so to speak, solve the problem. After all, it it boils down to security, why not just leave in the first place.

The second mistake in the way the struggle is being carried out is unfortunately nothing new. It is as old as the YESHA settlement movement itself. And that is the attempt to delude us, that all which is needed is to acquire one more building, or build one more house, or bring more Jews to walk around the dangerous area of Hebron. They still do not grasp that as long as Arabs live in Hebron or in the Land of Israel, there is no chance for peace or for Jewish settlements – not in Hebron, and not in Tel Aviv. It was nice to see tens of thousands of Jews in Hebron two weeks ago. But we also saw a Hillul Hashem that hundreds and maybe thousands of soldiers and police had to walk around scared in Hebron, in order to protect the Jews from the hundreds of thousands of vipers who live there, and whose very existence threatens the lives of every Jew. For the Torah states: “And if you do not disinherit the inhabitants of the land from before you, then those whom you leave will be thorns in your eyes and thickets in your sides, and they will distress you in the land in which you dwell.” How the settlement leaders have consistently ignored this explicit warning in the Torah, which is also so logical.

The settlers, who have always represented a breath of spiritual fresh air in the material wilderness of the Israeli political scene, could have in a very natural offered a genuine alternative leadership to the Jewish People, who so thirst to be led by men of real faith. But no. They too are stricken with lack of faith, always choosing “to make the best out of a terrible situation”, and never taking the initiative to really solve problems because “the nation is not yet ready”, or other similar excuses.

And so, only a few are ready to say the truth, and they are abused by the wicked regime with administrative detention arrests, restriction orders, and endless trials. The truth is heavy, and so it’s carriers are few. Thus, he who really cares about the fate of Hebron, the fate of Eretz Yisrael, and the fate of Am Yisrael, must join those few who have the courage to speak the truth. Because even if they are relatively small in number, their influence is 10 and 100 times greater than all the parve and unfocused actions that are undertaken by those who do not understand nor want to understand.

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