Darka Shel Torah: Politics Or Halacha?

Question: From time to time, the people who distribute our hard copies of”Darka Shel Torah” in shuls run into problems when certain shuls give them a hard time giving the parsha sheets out. This is nothing new, and the real reasons for this are known to us all. The problem is that those who oppose the distribution of the parsha sheets usually prefer to justify themselves with all kinds of self-righteous claims. The most common one is that our sheet is “political”, so to speak. What is the answer to such an arguement?

Answer: First of all, the hypocricy of such a statement must be pointed out. If someone would rise up and oppose the distribution of ALL the different parsha sheets because of “politics” – then we can understand it. But one who makes this claim only against “Darka Shel Torah” is doing so to cover his true intentions, which is to silence the ideas that appear on the sheet. Does there exist a parsha sheet that is distributed in shuls that DOES NOT deal with day to day matters? Naturally, all the parsha sheets deal with worldy matters on the political agenda. What does one expect? That the Torah should be sterile and cut off from reality? Does one expect a Torah of nice “vorts” which have no relevance to the real world?

Torah is not politics. The wars of the Jewish People are not politics. The cultural war taking place in Israel today is not politics. The problem of the “territories” is not politics. G-d forbid! All this is Torah and Halacha and these subjects are of prime importance! We have no business with politics. Every word that appears on our parsha sheet is based on the sources and on the halacha. And we invite anyone who has a question to write us, and we will answer it privately or in this column.

Finally, what a topsy-turvy world it is! We are the LAST ones who should be accused of being “political”. After all, Rabbi Kahane, HY”D, and his students were tossed out of the political arena years ago. So obviously we have no political interests, other than circulating the ideas in the parsha sheet. So if someone is worried about politics, let him turn to those who are playing the political game.

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