Religious Jews Upset

Many Religious Jews were upset by the canceling of the Tanach examinations as a prerequisite for a high school diploma. At first glance, they are right to be angry. How could it be that in the Jewish State, Bible is not a mandatory subject in high schools?

But the truth is that one shouldn’t get too upset. For years now, the way the Bible is taught in state schools does not arouse in the hearts of the students a love for the nation or for the homeland, nor does it bring them closer to the Jewish tradition. For the Bible they learn and our Bible are not similar. They are taught Bible critiques and learn a Bible void of holiness – one that is totally non-obligatory. They learn a Bible that at best, omits the Book of Joshua, and at worst, condemns it. They are taught a censored, scorned, and cut-up Bible that can only turn off anyone who learns it. So let them cancel it. At least then the students will know that they are cut off from the Bible and from their roots – and if the time comes that they seek our their roots, they will be able to look in the proper place.

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