Building in Israel

No! Building trailers and Jewish homes is NOT the Zionist response to murder of Jews!!

Tuesday night four Jews were murdered near Beit Hagai, South of Hebron. Wednesday night Rabbi Marano and his wife miraculously survived another attack after Arab terrorists shot and wounded them near Kochav HaShahar. And Jewish “settlement” leaders responded by saying, “They shoot and we build; everyone does what he believes in.” It’s true, some things never change – Arabs continue to murder Jews for committing the crime of being Jewish and breathing in the Land of Israel, and our Jewish “leaders” continue to behave like the blind Hebrews leading their blind flock. After the murder of Jews by Arab terrorists in Judea and Samaria we always hear the standard response by the leadership of “Yesha” and by the confused nationalist-rightwing camp in Israel: “The Zionist response to the murder is to build.” Is building trailers and homes a logical, effective, or halachic response to the spilling of Jewish blood? A response to murder could be revenge and “eye-for-an-eye” or for the weak and feeble to surrender and run away. Logical and normal people would respond by calling for the expulsion of the murderous Arab population. A response to the murders could also be calling for a freeze of Arab building and the destruction of Arab construction in the area – forcing them out. How exactly is building five trailers or even 1000 Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria going to resolve the ongoing problem of Arab terror and its intensification?

Destroy your enemies and their homes and then you will be able to build and live in peace

Let us stop creating the analogy that connects our right to build with the murder of innocent Jews. We have a right to live where we please in our land regardless, and we should build wherever we wish to build in our homeland regardless. All of the building will be for naught as long as Arabs continue to live side-by-side with us, with their deadly plot to annihilate the Jewish state and every Jew who lives here. As the Torah teaches us, there is no point in settling the land and there will be no secure and peaceful inheriting of the land until we first disinherit (drive out) the nations who believe this land is theirs. Bamidbar 33 and Rashi there: If you do not disinherit the nations who dwell in the land they will raise arms against you and remain thorns in your eyes.

Equating Jewish blood and Jewish real estate justifies “land for peace”.

It is not only insane and illogical to equate and connect Jewish blood with Jewish real estate, it is this logic that fuels the suicidal and traitorous policies of the leftist and rightist governments in Israel, who speak of surrendering land and freezing Jewish construction in return for “temporary” quiet and “peace”. If building is the Zionist answer to murder of Jews and lack of Jewish security, then surrendering land and a Jewish construction freeze is indeed a fair response to “peace”. Moreover, to build requires much money and sweat and tears, however the Israeli government only needs to send a tractor to plow it all down, once it reaches the next deal with Abbas. As long as there are hostile Arabs in Israel and as long as the rightwing-nationalist camp refuses to offer a bold alternative and solution to the Arab terror and demographic threat in Israel, the government of Israel will continue to surrender more land in a futile effort to gain some level of quiet and security, however false and temporary these “peace” deals might be. Because there will be no coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel as anybody with eyes can see. It is either Jewish land or Arab land. And if one is frightened to proclaim the truth about Israel being the exclusive birthright of the Jewish people then they will be left with thorns in their sides and with Arabs claiming the exclusive right to the land.

Those who think that building without dealing with the Arabs is an answer are a big part of the problem

One who is frightened to support the expulsion of the hostile Arabs, inevitably supports the expulsion of the Jews and shares in the murder of the four holy Jews who were murdered near Hebron. Building and constructing without demanding a freeze on Arab construction and without demanding the expulsion of the Amelikite Arab population is a dangerous exercise in futility similar to draining oil in buckets while oil gushes out in a massive oil spill, or like the solution of the wise men of Chelm who had a hole in their bridge and decided to BUILD a hospital under the hole. No, the answer is not building, but rather fixing the problem – destruction of the presence of the enemy, not building more targets of self-destruction through our futile construction. Our construction will only be relevant when we escort it side by side with a bold plan to remove our enemies.

There is a Torah and sane alternative to a suicidal two state solution, and there are answers to the obvious pitfalls of a one state solution. The left is right when they outline their objections to the typical rightwing nonsense about a one state solution, with Jews and Arabs living side-by-side: There is an obvious demographic and security threat that will only worsen. However, there is an answer and is not expulsion and freeze on Jews, and it is not a continuation of the deteriorating status quo. The answer lies in the Torah solution of expelling our enemies and freezing their construction. When right wing leaders have the courage to say it then and only then will we have an alternative that can bring life, security and prosperity to the people of Israel.

Leftists and Arabs: Continue building and you will continue getting killed

The Israeli left attacked the right in Israel for announcing that they would build more Jewish homes in response to the murder of Jews in Judea and Samaria. Sarcastic and cynical articles and cartoons were published in Maariv It is either Arab or Jewish land – you can’t have it both ways

and elsewhere with the theme: Continue building and you will continue getting killed. One particularly cynical cartoon showed members of “Peace Now” reading a collective tombstone of the Jews murdered near Beit Hagai. The “peaceniks” responded, as they pointed at the new gravesite and the tombstone, “look at them, they are continuing to build, for yesterday there was nothing here”.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

This sick and insensitive cartoon is like so many other self-hating leftwing “jokes” that place the blame on the victim. It is indeed sick and twisted to connect or justify murder of innocent Jews to the building of Jewish homes. However, let us make no mistake – this connecting of building to murder is a theme that rightwing leaders have fostered for many years. Let us say it loud and clear: We will build regardless and we will also demand a freeze on Arab building and the expulsion of the hostile Arabs from our land!!!

Lies of Army officials regarding the recent attacks

The press release sent by the head officer in charge of IDF troops in Judea and Samaria was contradicted by Rabbi Marano the victim of the attack. The IDF had published that it was drive by shooting and that the Arab terrorists did not return to the Jewish car to verify the death of the victims. Marano had a very different story indeed, stating that the Arabs did return to the car after shooting 20 bullets into the car and injuring the Rabbi and his wife. The car had flipped over, and rolled behind a boulder off the road, where the Rabbi miraculously grabbed his wife and rolled out of the car, rolling to a safe and camouflaged spot. The Arabs returned to the car, stealing documents and other belongings and opened fire again on the couple. It was only the jamming of a weapon that had saved them, according to the eyewitness testimony of Rabbi Marano.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

The IDF issued a similar release after the fatal murder of the four Jews near Beit Chagai, to bring calm to the Jewish residents of Yesha, as if to say: Don’t worry, you might survive even if you are attacked, it is not like the Arabs are so brazen that they will come back to the car and verify your death, they are not that sophisticated. Oops, Rabbi Marano, actually survived to tell us the real story. Yes, the Arabs are that sophisticated and yes, they are not particularly frightened of the IDF or “settler” response to the point that they would rush away from the scene of their barbaric attack against Jews. They have nothing to fear. At worst, they will get arrested and soon released in some insane exchange of 1000 terrorist prisoners for one Jew, and in the meantime in their Israeli prison they could get an academic education and live in a five-star hotel prison.

The media proclamation that these were attacks carried out by Hamas, has been put into question with new sources being leaked to the media that seem to indicate that the terrorists who were caught and charged with the murder near Beit Chagai appear to be members of the official PA police force. This too is nothing new and there is no fundamental difference between Hamas and PLO and all of the other terrorist factions, other than the fact that some say and do what they intend to do all of the time and others are bit smarter, not openly saying what they intend to do, all of the time.


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