Yom Yerushalaim: On Hussein

Here is our Jerusalem Day riddle. Who made the following quote?: “kill the Jews wherever you reach them. Kill them with your arms, kill them with your hands, with you finger nails, with your teeth.” Arafat? Nasser? No. It was none other than that “moderate” King Hussein on the 27th of Eyar, 1967, when this coward joined up with the rest of the Arab armies in the Six Day War, after not daring to enter at the outset with Egypt and Syria. Only when he was convinced by Egyptian propoganda that Tel-Aviv is already conquered and the Jews have been already slaughtered and raped did he at that point figure it is time to join in the celebration.

Twenty-eight years afterwards, this butcher who if he had his way would not have left a single Jew alive in Israel, has suddenly turned into a “lover of Israel”. He has become the symbol of “moderacy” and “peace”; a man whom 80% of the Israeli population thinks should be admired for his “courage of heart”, “vision and understanding”, and most importantly, for his humanity…

While Jerusalem Day symbolizes the great victory of the Six Day War, it also symbolizes the deep decay of the leadership of the State of Israel. A leadership that turned light into darkness and darkness into light; wicked to righteous and righteous to wicked.

For isn’t it symbolic that the general of this great victory (though it was strictly accidental), was none other than Yizchak Rabin, the one who is now coldly disposing of all the wonders of that war, and has tuned his “royal majesty” the dwarf Hussein into a symbol of “peace”? Is it not symbolic that this very same Rabin that all the public relations people try to portray as a great “leader” simply broke down like a common soldier when the 1967 War began because he could not take the pressure? Does it not symbolize something about the leadership of this country that builds up this unethical boor two times to be Prime Minister – failure after failure?

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