Thrill Kill

This week I have chosen to deviate from my usual article on the parsha of the week, and to concentrate instead on another parsha that occured exactly last year and whose trial began this week. It is a parsha that reflects and is a symptom of all the national diseases that the Jewish state is inflicted with today. I am relating to the motive that stood behind the senseless murder of a Jewish cab driver by two Jewish youths in Herzelia in what has been defined as a “rich kids” crime, done mainly out of boredom or for “action”.

Let us begin with the morning headline in the Israeli newspaper “Yideot Achronot” on the 20th of Shevat, 5754, where an expert advisor in educational affairs is quoted as she attempts to explain the incident: “From the description of the events it is clear that we are dealing here with psychopaths whose sense of good and evil have been totally blurred. People who have no superego and can not distinguish…” The journalist writing the article went on to write in the course of his interview that the expert advisor in education had the following rather sudden admission: It could very well be that my diagnosis stems from wishful thinking – because if they are not, indeed, psychopaths, then we must say that something really terrible is happening here, and one must conclude that a severe disease has infested Israeli society. End of quote.

All this is worth taking a closer look at. What is really going on here? Is there a blurring of boundaries of good and evil? Is there a disease infesting Israeli society? The fact is that our advisor is correct on both counts. In other words, a dreaded disease of not being able to distinguish between good and evil has totally infested Israeli society.

Sound shocking? Perhaps an exaggeration? Let’s see. The advisor speaks of an inability to distinguish between good and evil. But can we say that our enlightened advisor herself is capable of discerning between good and evil? Let us approach this from a different direction. The advisor is under the assumption that the act of these two youths is one that must be defined as “evil”. I ask her, who says so? Who is to say that the killing of a cab driver is a bad thing? Who can objectively determine what is bad? Our expert advisor? Society? The Supreme Court? Who determines the boundaries of good and evil? The “superego”? What will convince these two boys, the fruits of Israeli society, that the fulfillment of their desires is less important than the life of the cab driver?

What gives our advisor the authority to declare what is good and what is evil? Afterall, according to authentic democracy, which the state of Israel so prides itself on, there is no such thing as good and evil.Everything is relative. What determines right and wrong is the “democratic majority” – thus the entire value system is subject to change every four years by the voters. How are the youth supposed to take such a value system seriously? A dreaded disease has indeed infested Israeli society, and our advisor is one of the architects of this culturally empty society devoid of any real values. It is she herself who is part to blame for spreading this deadly virus.

And why? Because a Jew who casts aside the Torah, which is the real value system defining good and evil, can not complain about youths, who for all intents and purposes simply expanded upon their definition of “freedom” and “democracy”. These boys committed a heinous crime and they must be punished. But the real culprits are the educators of these boys who are the molders of Israeli society. Those who threw away the Torah with its objective truth, whose system of values is eternal and therefore not subject to change. It is they who are the real criminals and the national finger of accusation must be pointed at them. We must declare a cultural war upon them. It is our obligation to send these so called leaders home. Its been long overdue, for the number of their victims grows and grows with every passing day.

A government that frees convicted Arab terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands and makes them policemen should have no problem understanding twisted and sick kids that kill Jews for no reason.

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