The Cultural War (from Baruch HaGever)

“…And so we see that the battle front of the cultural war is in the court-room. The latest decisions by the Supreme Court, forcing the Chief Rabbinate to act contrary to “halacha” in various areas such as kosher food and the registration of gentiles as Jews, are intended to incapacitate their “rivals” – the rabbinical courts; to show them, over and over again, who is in control; and to prove that the State of Israel, in its totality, is run according to the values of democracy, not of Judaism.

No. What is happening in the courts today is hardly an accident. It is no coincidence that the Supreme Court has become the main artery of the Hellenist camp. It is not because leftists “just happened” to infiltrate the judiciary. It is something much more basic. It is because the gentile justice system is fundamentally opposed to, and must per force wage war against Divine Justice; hence, the judiciary, by its very nature, attracts to itself those who hate G-d.

Not for nothing does the “halacha” rule that a Jew who litigates in a gentile court commits a terrible Hillul Hashem. This is because it is the justice system which is the embodiment of a society, its values and philosophy – and by preferring gentile laws we are betraying G-d, saying to Him, so to speak, that human justice invented by a few gentiles is more dependable than His justice. As Rabeinu Bechaye put it, “idolatry thus becomes cherished”.

And indeed, the Supreme Court, faithful to it’s worship of democracy, has taken off its kid gloves, on the assumption that Israeli society is sufficiently “mature” to shake off “primitive beliefs”. All the legislation legitimizing homosexuality, coercion in one form or another against the Chief Rabbinate to certify the “treif” as kosher, decisions that the democratic nature of the state is more important than its Jewish nature – this legislation is intended to bring their day of victory closer.

From the perspective of the Supreme Court, the cultural war is at its height. They understand that now the time is ripe, and if they don’t take advantage of it, they will have lost a golden opportunity.

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