The Bizareness of Shalom

Even before Mubarak practically declared war on Israel after the elections,the Israel bashing and straight-out Jew-hatred in Egypt had been going on for years. On May 5, for example, “Yideot” quoted a veteran “New York Times” journalist and Mid-East expert who spoke of the virulent hatred for Israel that exists in Egypt today.

All this comes as no surprise. But one who follows events closely will notice the interesting phenomenon that after the peace agreement, the hatred which always had existed grows exponentially! Sound unbelievable? Indeed it is for the confused and brainwashed Israeli who for years has been force-fed how successful the peace with Egypt is.

Why does the hatred grow? The peace agreements always came at a time when the Arabs were in an inferior, weak position, and so they agreed to the treaty, waiting for they day they recover and can return to their natural situation of trying to obliterate Israel. This feeling of weakness amongst the Arabs humiliates them, and produces a natural and vicious hatred for the”Jewish Satan”, where he dreams of the day that the proud Arab will again arise and wipe out the reproach of the agreements. This, by the way, is the historical trend of all anti-semitism: The more the Jews try to assimilate and be loved by the gentile, the more the hatred intensifies.

And how easy it is to pull the wool over the eyes of the Israeli public! For years the peace with Egypt has been toted as the example of the success and splendor of “peace”. And suddenly, Egypt has become more hostile than Syria, and its Jew-hating propaganda tops even that of Iran! It has gotten to a situation where the Israeli foreign dept. cannot find a volunteer to replace the Israeli ambassador to Egypt. The Israeli ambassador is the most hated man in Egypt, humiliated and beaten wherever he goes.

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