Shulamit Aloni

Shulamit Aloni’s abrupt departure from politics gladdened the hearts of many religious Jews. And indeed, at first glance, such joy is justified as the sages tell us in the mishnah in Masechet Sanhedrin, (8:5): “The dispersion of the wicked is good for them and good for the world”.

But one must probe beyond the spontaneous reaction and examine the situation in-depth. Out of all the extreme-leftist-Hellenists, what made Aloni so “special”? What made her the front-runner and the symbol in the war against Judaism that takes place today in Israel? It is precisely from her resignation where we can know the answer to this question. She said that the reason she quit was because her fellow Knesset party members were too pragmatic, and constantly muffled her huge mouth (for the good of the “peace process”), but she, so consumed with hatred for Judaism, could not restrain herself…

As surprising as it may sound, the brusque and insolent Shulamit Aloni is infinitely preferred to the smooth-talking Yossi Sarid. Why? Because what the Jewish People need is a clear choice between the two contradicting world outlooks that permeate Israeli society today; to decide between two conflicting life philosophies which are dissimilar in every way – Judaisms. Hellenism. Both world views must be presented clearly before the people and decided upon once and for all before it is too late.

In order for the people to decide and to finally put the matter at rest, two prerequisite conditions must be met. Firstly, the Jewish truth must be presented clearly and without distortion, because if we water it down for all kinds of practical reasons, how will the people be able to choose? The second condition is for the people to know exactly what the other side thinks – and that is what made the outspoken and uninhibited Aloni so “valuable” to the cause. For if the choice is presented clearly, we believe that the majority of Jews in Israel are still “gut ” Jews – that is, they are still healthy enough in spirit to choose “life”, (Judaism) over “death”(Hellenism).

In one of her first interviews following her withdrawal, Aloni, free-tongued as never before, savagely lashed into the “Hesder” yeshiva soldiers: “People say they are highly motivated. For sure. But Yigal Amir was also highly motivated. The question is : Where are they drawing their motivation from? “How keen! How razor-sharp she states the Hellenist case! Here are the leaders of the national religious camp constantly trying to justify and
legitimize themselves by saying that the “Hesder” boys are full of motivation, and do not realize that it is precisely this motivation that bothers their counterparts. For the leftist, religious motivation combined with militarism and nationalism is a deadly duo – dangerous fanaticism!

Our task is to sharpen and clarify both positions, for it is the only way to save the Jewish masses from the Hellenists. The blurring over of issues and the ambiguity only serves the goals of the left, since the people get caught up and bogged down with all kinds of slogans about “unity” and “peace” without grasping the crux of the issue, and simply get sucked along for the ride. In the long run, a well-defined clarification of both positions will
save this country from bloody civil war. We must not ignore the simple fact that two camps with totally opposite ideologies are on a massive collision course. 2,500 years ago we witnessed the same confrontation(Hanukah).

That is why we are around. So that someone in the Jewish camp will present the complete Jewish point of view without fear and apologies, and in so doing, offer a genuine alternative to the extreme left.

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