Religious Parties Remain the Same

Immediately following the huge victory of the religious parties in the elections, the media scurried to launch an incitement campaign against the religion and the religious, as only they know how. The religious, as only they know how, began apologizing: “G-d forbid, we are against religious coercion”. “There is nothing to be afraid of, everything will stay the same”. At the same time, each religious party entered its war room to prepare its blitzkrieg on the portfolios, the “kavod” and the money. On these issues they wasted no time with needless apologies, because they knew by doing so the rival party might snatch up the cherished goodies.

What the religious politicians don’t understand or don’t want to understandis that what turned people off to the religious parties in the past was the image that they are greedy and only care about money. The only reason they merited so many seats in these past elections was because they were the opposition, and the people, who are basically still normal, were searching for something real, for a party with principles.

The truth is, and it is critical to know, that religious legislation and the adding of Jewish character to the state bothers only a handful of leftist-hellenists (who convince us that the entire public feels the same way). But the fact is, that the average Israeli is not bothered by it at all. It is more likely that the subject of “religious coercion” is merely agood excuse for the religious parties to clear their agenda for what really interests them: Portfolios and “Kneidalach”.

To teach us, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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