Reaction to Arab Terror Blasts

Following the progroms in Kishinev, in which tens of Jews were slaughtered and Jews sat and cried, Zev Jebotinsky said: “I don’t call what happened a”tragedy”. A tragedy is when a divine lesson is learned. Here, nobody learns a thing”. How true these words are! Jews love to cry. Jews are experts in funerals, and so proficient in “Yohrzeits” and remembrance candles. But they are such amateurs when it comes to learning from history, despite the fact that they have undergone the most agonizing history than any other people. Behold, after the assassination of Rabin, the left demanded that we all contemplate our ways, and in fact, many self-righteous and confused Jews did just that. So many started to question the justice of their cause, asking forgiveness from the left. And now, after such shocking tragedy where 60 Jews are murdered in a span of two weeks and we are finally able to regain our proper proportions, it is as if everyone looks at spilled Jewish blood as some irrevocable Divine Decree; a continuation of the Inquisitions, progroms and Auschwitzes which we have grown so used to. Because the bottom line is that we are willing to accept the following axiom: The gentile spilling of Jewish blood is a natural thing, and is not worthy of avenging. But the truth is that there is some serious contemplation and “Cheshbon Nefesh” (an accounting) that must be done. We are not talking about the”cheshbon” of Knesset seats and surveys that the corrupt politicians deal in as they calculate how much each dead Jew is worth to them in the polls. The following is the real “Cheshbon Nefesh” that must be done: Who is guilty for the 60 Jews who were slaughtered in the center of the two largest cities in the “independent” State of Israel? Who is guilty for the fact that the dream of 2,000 years has turned into a daily nightmare, where parents are afraid to send their children off to school in the morning, lest in the evening they have to bring their children’s leftover, collected bodyparts in nylon bags to the cemetery? All those who refused to heed the words, the warnings, and the pleadings of Rabbi Kahane, HY”D, who for 20 years courageously and with unbelievable self-sacrifice warned us that as long as we do not actualize the Torah commandment of “disinheriting the inhabitants of the land”, we will be recompensed with, “And they will be thorns in your eyes…and will distress you in the land.”All those who could not debate the Rabbi, preferring to defame him as a “racist” and a “fascist”, are guilty for the murder of those Jews. Guilty are all those who knew he was right, but instead of simply keeping quiet, had to denounce him because of fear of what the left would say. All the rabbis who behind closed doors told him: “You’re right, but I can’t say it, because I’ll lose my position”, murdered those Jews. What an awesome opportunity we had! G-d sent a messenger who was willing to do all the “dirty work” – to carry the entire weight on his shoulders, suffer the condemnations, and sit in prison on the way. All we had to do was stand by his side and lend a bit of a hand. But no. Fear overcame most. Most preferred to cooperate with his haters. Who is suffering for it? We are! Because we are truly the guilty ones.

    From Channel 1 News:
    Riki, 13 years old: “Why do they hate us so?”
    Reporter: “Maybe you hate them?”
    Riki (after a slight hesitation): “No. (Crying) If there was something Icould tell them, I would tell them to stop it. It isn’t fair!”

Riki is a girl whose friend was killed in the Dizengof bombing. We quote her so that one can learn what the REAL TRAGEDY is: Through the words of this poor little girl one sees the double tragedy, for she represents the typical alienated Israeli youth. “Why do they hate us?”, she asks. Only someone who knows the history of the Jewish People can give her an answer – someone who was educated about the uniqueness of the Jewish People, and learned that the hate of the gentile, which is an illogical hatred, is derived from Mount Sinai. It is a hatred that the Jew cannot flee from, no matter how much he assimilates and capitulates – for it is a irrational law of nature. But Riki’s assimilated Israeli school curriculum doesn’t include such teachings about the eternity of the Jewish Nation, and her educators don’t understand why Arabs are unwilling to give up their weapons, despite the fact that the Jews are willing to give up everything. She herself (after slight hesitation) is willing to do away with her natural feelings of hatred that she holds towards the murderers of her friend. She does not understand that it isn’t territory that interests them, but rather it is the existence ofthe Jews in the Land of Israel that bothers them. Every possible alternative other than the Torah solution that we have been preaching for the last 25 years has been tried and has led to nowhere. It must be understood first and foremost that the Likud will not save thesituation. Have we forgotten already? They started the process of theabandonment of the Land of Israel. Even the “intifada” was a direct resultof their willingness to make concessions, and it began under a Likudgovernment. Have we already forgotten those “bad” old days of “intifada” and stabbings where the Likud government stood helpless. Does anyone think that a Likud government will cause the Hamas suicide terrorists to return to thecloset and bring back the days of “only” knifings? We know that this may be difficult to hear, but this is precisely the point: The salvation will come only when all the illusions have been shattered and the false gods have crumbled. What must it take for the People to wake up and cling to the real alternative, the alternative that was banned (by the Likud!) from takingpart in the elections to Knesset? Many people need to apologize to Yigal Amir. One of those people is a journalist who, before the bombings, ran in his column a comparison between Yigal Amir and the “engineer” of the Hamas (Mahandes). Yigal Amir was labeled as a “vermin” while in the article on the “engineer”, one could detect admiration and “kavod” for this murderer of women and children. How can one begin to understand such pathological self-hatred? Without a doubt, the hatred for Yigal Amir has passed all bounds of logic. Even for one who doesn’t agree with him, unlike the “engineer”, he chose the specific target which he felt was bringing tragedy upon the Jewish People, and out of a real pain for his people, he was willing to pay the price, as he said in court: “It is good to sit in prison for our homeland”. Is there any kind of tragedy that can wake this people up, or will we have to wait for out Father in Heaven to do it all alone – meaning that the redemption will have to be accompanied by brutally awesome tragedy? The hour is already late. Time is running out. Return to Me and I will return to you!

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