On Whom To Vote For: Choose Life

Question: For quite a while you have been preaching that there is no significant difference between Labor and Likud, as proven by their past records while in power, as well as their campaign promises this time around. But what you fail to tell us is – who SHOULD one vote for?

Answer: Our major goal is to bring forth the genuine Jewish truth, the Jewish idea – to the people. Not just part of the message, and not just a”realistic” part of the message, so to speak. Nor do we just convey ideas that the people will always grasp immediately upon hearing them. We are not politicians who have to try to show a pretty face before the public. And so we repeat that the elections for Prime Minister is a race between siamese twins. It is crucial to us that the people understand the painful truth that the Jewish truth was banned from participating in these elections, deeming these elections obscene from the very start. And part of the painful truthis that those who engineered the banning of Rabbi Kahane was not the left, but rather that “great hope” – the Likud!

As requested by many, we will bring the words of Rabbi Kahane, HY”D, exactly as he said them immediately after he was banned in 1988. The Rav said tha the is not a “guru”, and he doesn’t give orders to “Chaseedim” (followers)how to vote. In any case, he RECOMMENDED putting an empty white slip into the ballot box, and for those who want to vote for someone, he suggested, ANYTHING BUT LIKUD!

And let us add something else for those who want to vote for the Knesset. There is a party, a bit obscure, called “Israel’s Right”, which is a religious party with some good Jews in it. The very fact that the “Meretz”party tried to ban it for being “racist” is a reason to identify with it. Its chances for success is not what interests us.

In any case, we must not despair. The salvation will not sprout from theKnesset ANYWAY, and we must start internalizing this fact. The alternative will come outside that den of clowns, and it will overrun it. The salvation will come from those who do not peacefully accept the fact that the truth was banned, and life just goes on.

THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE. And it won’t come from the Knesset, or anywhere near it…

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