Netanyahu Illusion Melts Away

In our first edition of “The Breira” (The Choice), eight months ago before the Knesset elections, our message was: “There is no one to vote for”. We knew then that this would not be a popular stand in the right-wing camp, and we say this as an understatement. But we were not looking to be “accepted”. Our goal is to say the truth when few want to hear it.

We definitely understood the feelings of the people. But we knew that in any event, there had to be someone who would warn them. True, we ourselves never dreamed that Netanyahu would betray what he stood for in such a short time and in such a blatant manner. But it is better this way. It is better that there be AS FEW ILLUSIONS AS POSSIBLE, and that the matter be cleared up assoon as possible!

Because without a clear path and political map before them — the people will not be able to make the proper choice. As long as there exists an illusion that the people think they can rely on; as long as they put their trust in another spineless politician who eventually capitulates when faced with the slightest bit of pressure — then there is no hope.

There are only two paths that lie ahead. Two REALISTIC CHOICES – KAHANE OR ARAFAT, and from these two we must make the proper choice.

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