Left Up to Old Tricks

A day does not pass where PM Netanyahu is not attacked by the left for being a right-wing warmonger. It is simply mind boggling. It doesn’t seem to matter what Mr. Netanyahu does — he can warmly shake the hand of Arafat; he can speak to him as an old friend; he can agree to give up Hebron; he can throw out hints to Syria about making concessions; he can continue to harass the “extreme” right and allow the leftist media to remain in control – all this is just a partial list of Netanyahu’s vain attempts to satisfy the left. Yet nothing seems to help. They continue to defame him as a stubborn, militant, extremist, etc., etc.

Yosi Bellin out did everyone when he suggested that the Prime Minister be boycotted during the Knesset meetings! That is, to leave the Knesset whenever Netanyahu speaks! Not to cooperate with him!

There is a precedent to all this. When Rabbi Kahane was in the Knesset, they boycotted him. The left and right would exit the Knesset hall whenever the Rav made his speeches (though most made sure to listen to his words from outside the hall…). And behold, now the Prime Minister (!) Netanyahu, is experiencing the same hatred. None of his groveling efforts to appease the left can help him. The sheer hatred towards anyone who even APPEARS IN THEIR EYES to represent something Jewish or nationalistic is so vicious.

And so Binyamin Netanyahu – perhaps at this critical hour you will understand that it is better to change your ways, and to be courageous enough to return to what so many people thought you were supposed to be.

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