Law of Return: For Politically Correct Jews Only

With all the atrocities and crimes against Judaism that the Israeli Government has committed since its inception, perhaps there was always one saving grace and merit that protected Israel from the Almighty’s wrath. The Law of Return, that “racist” law enabling any Jew to become a citizen and live in the Holy Land has always been the “last line of defense”, giving the country some semblance of Jewish character.

But now the government of Israel has put an end to that too. Last week, eight Jews were prevented entry into the Holy Land of Israel! “For they have driven me out this day from being joined to the inheritance of the Lord” (Shmuel 1, 26:9) As if the Land of Israel is their private property where they can pick and choose who can and cannot join G-d’s inheritance!

This attitude that Israel is their own private property might be a little more understandable if it stemmed from the attitude that the land of Israel belongs to them. But what can one say when they prevent Jews from entering the land, and in the same breath, they hand over piece by piece of it to the cruelest of enemies?

Who were the Jews that were forbidden entry into their beloved homeland? Are we speaking of traitors, G-d forbid? No. We are speaking of members of the Jewish Defense League. We are talking about Jews who twenty-five years ago struggled for the release of hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews, so they could emigrate to the same country which today denies these people entry.

But what is most obscene is the deafening silence of the “national right-wing” camp. All this can only remind us of Har Manoach near Hebron,which is now where the Local Palestinian Police Station is based. What irony? Har Manoach was the hilltop where Rabbi Kahane and his followers setup a settlement called “El-Nakam”, in memory of Eli HaZeev, HY”D. The settlement was dismantled by Moshe Arens of the Likud, with the cooperation of the Kiryat Arba Local Council, which “did not want extremists near her”. And now, since there is no longer a Jewish presence in that area, it is considered “yellow” on the new map, and Kiryat Arba now has Palestinian “moderates” as neighbors instead of Jewish “extremists”.

And on this, it is was said: “YOU DIDN’T WANT KAHANE – SO YOU GOT ARAFAT!”

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