Ideology vs. Realism

Many ask: What happened to Netanyahu, Zachi HaNegbi, Limor Livnat, Michael Eitan and all the other right-wingers who are so willing to support the Oslo Accords and the evacuation of Hebron? Their answer is: “There is ideology, and then there is the reality.”

That is the difference between us and them. For them, ideology is some thing that belongs in a museum, while for us, THE IDEOLOGY DETERMINES THE REALITY. And let us not delude ourselves: When it boils down to Jerusalem, don’t be surprised if you gradually see that the issue at hand is not the holiness of the city (what is that?), or “unification forever and ever” and all the other cliches, but rather the issue will become a security one. And why not? Have we not learned that the new concept of Zionism, in a nut shell, is making a “secure peace”?

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