BZK: Bibi At Washington Summit

This article was written in 1996 by R. Binyamin Zeev Kahane. Just as Bibi went to Washington to beg for a peace process, so today he does the same thing. How ironic. How sad.

Without a doubt, many are confused in how to assess Binyamin Netanyahu’s performance at the recent Washington summit. Did he withstand the pressure or did he succumb to the pressures in Washington? Should he be applauded or should Jews take to the streets to demonstrate against him? This is the question we will relate to.

Two paths lie before Israel today, and there is no third path. The first way is one of concessions and capitualtion, which is basically the path of the recent Israeli governments. The end result of this path is clear: The complete falling apart of Israel, since the Arabs will never be satisfied with what they are given and will always want more, and why should they not?After all, they can always demand more, and world support will be there for them, just as we see today.

The other path is the Jewish path. Not giving in, but rather sanctificationof G-d’s name and obeying the commandments of G-d. It is a path not of giving away territories of Israel, but rather expulsion of the hostile Arabs in our midst as the Torah and logic dictates. The recent riots by the Arabs were expected. Our enemies received over the last few years territory, sovereignty and recognition as a nation in the land of Israel as a preliminary step to the establishment Palestine. Their self-confidence rises as the process continues, and when they see that Israel deviates from the path of surrender and concessions, they immediately rise up against us with the weapons we gave them. After all, the weapons were given to them in order to realize their national aspirations, and that is exactly what they used them for when they fired at our sodiers.

Indeed, the pressure forced Mr. Netanyuahu into a meeting with his new friend. And the PM says he feels a warm connection to Mr. Arafat. The question now is: What was agreed between them? I have no way of knowing, but one thing is for sure: Netanyahu is not abandoning the path of capitulation. It must be understood that the problem is not the Oslo Accords. The problem is the very essence of the fact that Israel is willing to surrender territory. Once this axiom is established, it really does not matter if it is called “Camp David”, “Oslo”, “Madrid”, or anything else. Therefore, I have absolutely no expectations from Netanyahu, for I have no expectations that he will have the courage to go in the path of Jewishness. And thus, he is locked into the path of tragedy and suicide.

In the end, it is impossible to play both sides of the fiddle, and Netanyahu can’t adopt for himself just a portion of the “peace process”, for it is all or nothing. Either one goes all the way like Rabin and Peres did and Netanyahu is starting to do, or one does not go down this path at all. It is impossible to go half-way with the Arabs, for the minute one tries to draw the line, the Arabs will put on the pressure in their familiar fashion. Simultaneoulsy, there will be immense world pressure, and if Israel tries to stand up to the pressure, the pressure will intensify. They will say that Israel is destroying the peace process and is inciting the entire region. Then, Israel will make more concessions. The pressure will return over and over again, and Israel will always state that they can’t go ahead and ruin the peace process now, after having already surrendered so much. And then we will see the bitter result, G-d forbid.

Therefore, all this talk about Netanyahu’s “tough” stand in Washington, and his “victory”, so to speak, is utter nonsense, because he has no other way other than the path of surrender which he has obligated himself to. And so, what does it matter if he flexes an occasional muscle here or there? The Arabs could always rise up and the world can always pressure and Netanyahu will capitulate. And the reason is simple: HE HAS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. This is the point. If he has no alternative, then indeed there is no choice other than to go the path of Oslo, and to take that path RIGHT TO THE END. But he who believes that there IS an alternative – a Jewish alternative of faith in G-d which is measured by one’s willingness to expel the Arab enemy from within us – only such a person can save us from nightmare of the first path.

And so, nothing can be expected from Netanyahu. If the shooting by the Palestinian police on our soldiers cannot influence him to change direction and opt for the Jewish path, nothing will. Without faith in G-d, it is impossible to opt for such a path. For without faith in G-d, one needs Clinton, the U.N. and “world support”.

Thus, the salvation can only come from those true believers in the Almighty, believers who cling to G-d’s path. The mission is theirs.

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