An Open Letter to the Designate Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

It is no secret that I was not one of those who placed a lot of stock in the elections in which you were elected as Prime Minister. It is no secret that we see in Likud an “equal partner” in the horrid deterioration of the State of Israel in all areas over these last two decades. Indeed, for this reason, many thought that Likud’s fall four years ago and the coming to power of the evil left as a result of Likud’s bumbling policy would cause Likud to disappear from the political map. So many thought that the choice the next time around which would stand before the nation would be a clear one – the choice between an extremely un-Jewish state or a Jewish one.

But behold, in spite of it all, God decided to give you and your way the chance to fix the damage you caused. Such being the case, I can only say to you: Binyamin Netanyahu, you have been given a golden opportunity. Go forward and take advantage of it – and save the Jewish people from tragedy! Because your coming to power in itself does not solve anything. In these last two decades, the state of Israel has been like a chariot of horses-racing towards the precipice, and such a situation does not make distinctions between Labor and Likud governments. On the contrary, Likud leaders set some pretty awful precedents to exasperate the situation.

In order to halt Israel’s calamitous decline, it will not be enough simply discontinuing past policies. You will have to act boldly and assertively to immediately steer the chariot 180 degrees in a different direction.

There is no doubt that the first issue which must grab your immediate attention is the same issue that only by a miracle did not prevent you from becoming Prime Minister in the first place. Obviously, I am referring to the Arab vote. I don’t have to tell you how close you were to having your dreams shattered in these elections. It was a matter of an infinitesimal percentage point. You know full well how the Arabs swarmed to the polls against you, in order to help the left. You were too close to losing to possibly ignore this critical matter, Mr. Netanyahu. Surely it was not a coincidence that precisely this subject almost prevented you from becoming Prime Minister. This was a hint to you and your government that you can not possibly continue the defeatist policies of past administrations in refusing to deal with the Arab demographic time bomb which endangers the very existence of the nation. These elections, Mr. Netanyahu, proved that the Arab citizen within the green line is infinitely more dangerous to the existence of Israel than the Arab in the territories.

Mr. Netanyahu, I hope you do not think that we can rely on miracles over and over again, allowing the fate of the Jewish People to hang in the balance, dependent on the Arab vote, all out of some phony “humanism” or fear of “what will the gentile say”. Even if the destiny of the nation doesn’t worry you, your personal destiny and that of your party should at least awaken you from your slumber.

You have many difficult tests ahead of you. They include the disposing of the leftist media , halting the insanity of the Supreme Court, releasing Jewish political prisoners, and canceling the administrative detention arrests against lovers of the Jewish Nation. But without a doubt, your handling of the Arab problem will symbolize in which direction you are headed – towards saving Israel as a Jewish state, or towards it’s annihilation; towards saving Jews from terrorist bombing (which did not start with the left, and will not disappear with their departure, but rather with the departure of the Arabs amongst us!) or to a continuation and even an exasperation of terror if you indeed insist on carrying on like your predecessors in the Likud in ignoring the problem.

Remember, Mr. Netanyahu, when my father, Rabbi Meir Kahane, (may God Avengehis Blood) raised the issue, your party ignored it. Not only did they ignore it, but due to political fear, even took the lead in the banning of his party. You, in fact, were not involved in that, and I say that to your credit, despite the fact that you, too, have not passed up the opportunity in recent years to condemn and defame us. Obviously, we are willing to let by gones be by gones. But the historical errors your party has made must be corrected. And let us not even mention the cancellation of the obscene decision to declare “Kach” and “Kahane Chai” as terrorist organizations.This, too, will be one of your tests.

Remember! Many good Jews supported you, only because they wanted to see the fall of the wicked leftist government. The normal, healthy part of the nation pleaded and prayed for your victory, and you owe them a great deal.You owe them that they won’t blow up in buses. You owe them hope – hope for a true and secure Jewish state even if it means you must act brazenly and with great courage, something which you often claim to possess.

It is an understatement to say that I have great doubts you will be up tothe task, since he who brings on the malady usually cannot cure it. Nevertheless, me and my friends are willing to forget about everything and give you full credit. And so we call out to you: Do not fear! Fear not the gentile, and fear not the leftists!

In closing, designate Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, you worked arduously to reach power, and you attained your goal. If it be your wish that your victory will not be some passing euphoria, then free yourself from the root of all the problems that have plagued every Israeli government – the need to find favor in the eyes of the world. If you go along the straight and true path with courage, and devote yourself to making this country no longer dependent on the gentile or internal enemy, then your administration will be firmly established.

But if you prefer proving that your campaign slogans are indeed your true policy – you will quickly fall, and we will be the first ones to stand in your way. Just like we did not fear the harassments of the last administration, or the Likud government before it, we will not fear your reaction either, even though I know that it is liable to be harsher than what we have gone through until now.

Go with courage on a clear path of Judaism, and God will be with you!

With Love of Israel, Binyamin Zev Kahane

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