Hanukah: “And Yehuda Will Also Fight Against Jerusalem”

The war between the Hashmonim and the Greeks was characterized by the active cooperation between many Jews with the Greeks. It was not that these Jews were dragged along against their wills out of fear of the harsh decrees. Nor was it the people falling prey to the Greek propaganda and acting out of a desire to emulate Greek culture. Indeed, all this was true. But when we speak of the phenomenon of the “Hellenists”, we speak of something more serious — and that is active cooperation of Jewish Hellenists against Jews of faith. The Book of “The Macabees”, which documents the events of the Hashmonian wars, relates how the “Jewish criminals and wicked”, as the book puts it, were a major factor, and even provoked the Greeks in their war against the Jews.

For the first time since Chanukah, we again see this active and eager cooperation between the Jews and the enemies of Israel against the Jewish People. It is the first time ever where we see such a cooperation manifest itself as an organized movement, where everything has been initiated by the Jews themselves. The Hellenists have simply reached the conclusion that barriers between Israel and the nations is something outdated and primitive, and it only creates problems. In short, they want to wipe out the existence of the Jewish People.

The prophet Zacharia (Chapter 14) prophesizes on the era before the final redemption, and speaks of the final war where all the nations will come against Jerusalem. We then see a terrifying verse: “And Yehuda, also will fight against Jerusalem”. In other words, parts of the Jewish People will be on the side of the gentiles during this war! While Rashi softens the blow by interpreting that “against their wills they will fight Israel”, the Radak explains the verse according to its simple understanding: “Yehuda that came with the gentiles and fought with them against Jerusalem”. Similarly, in the midrash “Psikta Rabti” (Ch. 15), it says: Rabbi Shmuel Bar Yitzchak said: Even those from my congregation (Jews) will cling to your congregation (Gog and Magog), and they too will fall on the day of your defeat”!

And so, the curse which we first saw under the Greek rule where Jews switched their loyalties to that of the enemy has not gone away with thevictory of the Macabees over the Greeks and Hellenists. Despite the great victory of the wiping out of the Greeks and Hellenists and the return to Jewish sovereignty over Israel and the purification of the Temple – even still the Hellenists continue to rear their heads in this generation.

And so we see in this generation, which is the beginning of the redemption process, that two camps are slowly being formed: The camp of the loyal Jews and the camp of the Hellenists. The Hellenist camp is having more and more conflict as to where their loyalties lie. This camp less and less understands why one should stand separate as Jews, rather than simply as “human beings”. And so, in a very natural way, a growing partnership and common interest is created between these Hellenists and the haters of the Jewish nation, while the Hellenists and Jews have less and less in common. Thus, the following saying becomes quite true: “This area is divided up differently now: It is not Israelis and the rest, but rather the ‘peace camp’ (Jews and Arabs) versus all the rest” (The words of a Peace-Now leader)

In such a situation, the struggle between the two camps intensifies, andmore and more people are forced to decide where they stand. And so, every Jew must, even against his will, decide once and for all where he stands – on the side of the Jews or on the side of the Hellenists. By doing so, he is deciding once and for all the question he has avoided all these years: Who Is He?

Examples of “Yehuda Fighting Against Jerusalem”

Unfortunately, we have begun to understand the above verse all too well.Through recent events we have seen overt cooperation between decadentportions of the nation and the enemies of Israel. Here are some of them:

  1. The most blatant: The leftists, led by the Labor Party, joining the propaganda attacks of the Arabs and the world against Israel at a time when battles were taking place in the territories following the opening of the Kotel tunnel. This set a new height, because we cannot recall open cooperation with an enemy in time of war.
  2. Two weeks after the government was put together, a writer for “HaAretz” wrote: “155 American rabbis (at least they were reform and conservative) wrote a letter to Clinton calling for American aid to Israel to be contingent upon the freezing of the settlements.”
  3. For the first time since its inception, the organization “BeTzelem” (in the Image) has called to organizations throughout the WORLD to take action in order to put on trial ex-Shabak head Ehud Yatom for fulfilling the mitzvah of smashing the head of two Amalikites who kidnapped the bus no. 300 ten years ago, and was pardoned for “something which doesn’t occur in the most primitive republics”. Again, what we have here is the informing or handing over to the gentile in a matter directly relating to war between us and our enemies. The group “BeTzelem” even gives the gentiles advice: “… You can arrest him abroad for the charge of executing someone without a trial, which is against international law.” It is pointed out in the article that this was the first time that the groups turned to gentiles in an effort to arrest someone from the Israeli Security forces.
  4. The filth who calls himself Jonathan Gefen, who left Israel for New York (as the Torah states that the land vomits out its garbage) writes in the newspaper “Maariv” that he is looking forward to the Clinton victory and he fantasizes how Clinton, after the elections, “sits Netanyahu down” like a master to a slave, and says to him: “Mr. Netanyahu, you have been playing foolish games and leading us on for too long … etc.” It is no wonder that the lowlife who fathered Aviv Gefen, is a lot worse, as it is written, “For out of the serpents root shall come forth a basilisk” – that is, evil can only produce evil (Isiah, 14:29) He informs us that he is not Jew, but an Israeli. He says that the land is not his, and calls for the youth to leave the country. With his putrid mouth he compares Yigal Amir to Hitler.

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