Rosh Hashana: Shana Tova (Good New Year)

In order for there to be a Shana Tova (a good new year), we first have to understand what is “good” and what is “evil”. After all, it is difficult to conceive how someone who thinks that good is evil and vice versa can really have a “good” year. As the prophet Isaiah admonished his generation: “Woe to those who call evil, good and good, evil; darkness light and light darkness.” Indeed, the basic problem during these times is the obscuring and confusing of the concepts of “good” and “evil”. Is “good” the mimicking of Western culture? Or perhaps “good” is the separation from foreign and non-Jewish ways. Is “good” the subduing of the haters of Israel, or is it giving in to them? Is “good” the protecting of the honor and modesty of women, or is it promiscuousness and immodesty in the name of “equality” and “women’s liberation”?

G-d desires with all His Might to bestow upon us true good. Therefore, the Sefer HaChinuch explains, “He paved for us the way of good and commanded us to follow it.” In this way, we would merit receiving an abundance of true
good. Indeed, the blessing of a “Good Year” is not some empty greeting to be uttered each year, but rather it is a task incumbent upon us, and well within our grasp. Shana Tova!

New Years Resolution #1: Overhaul In The Education System

Last week’s strike by the Israeli education department was quite difficult for the parents. But any parent will admit that what made things difficult was the fact that the “baby-sitters” were on strike. After all, not too many parents out there expect that the Israeli educational system will really educate their child. Indeed, it isn’t quite clear in which situation the children come out less damaged – with a strike or without one. This educational system, which never instilled Jewish values, has not succeeded in instilling basic human and social values either. Only the most degenerate and materialistic values have been instilled into the students of the Israeli education system, and as a result the schools are plagued by drugs and violence. The system is indeed in need of an overhaul.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Overhaul In The Justice System

The Supreme Court of Israel is in the process of accepting the decision to extradite a Jew who has been accused of murder. One of the great merits of Menachem Begin was the bill he drew up which forbid the handing over of an
Israeli citizen to the goyim. Begin understood that the basic obligation of the Jewish state must be the caring for even the lowest of Jews, and that he be tried and judged in Israel, and not handed over to the goyim, G-d forbid.
And now the judiciary system in Israel is determined to pervert the intention of this law, and to eradicate it. The court system continues its all-out-war against the Jewish character of the Jewish state. This de-Judaization process is now under the supervision of skullcap wearing Elyakim Rubenstein, who must prove he is holier than the pope

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