Emor: What Is a Jewish Leader?

Democracy has twisted the concept of leaders from people who are supposed to lead the people into people who chase after the herd and who are lead by the people and their consensus. Democratic leaders seek to be loved by their constituents by doing popular things so that they can get reelected. However, all of their efforts usually bring about theopposite reaction. Most democratic leaders are jeered by the masses and humiliated. Professional politicians like Rabin and Bibi will soon “go down to the people”, as they say in Hebrew. They have set their sights on the upcoming elections. They can already be seen kissing the babies and giving them balloons with their party names on them. Anything that makes a good shot for the media; anything to buy another vote. There is nothing like an election season to display the degradation of the status of the leader in the democratic system.

According to authentic Judaism, the status of a leader is different.The Jewish leader who is righteous and G-d fearing must be honored and treated in the highest regard, for in Judaism there is a concept of “kavod” – honor.

Thus we find the very special status of the “Cohen”-high priest, in our Parsha. The Cohen is distinguished in many ways from the rest of the people. We are commanded to treat him with a higher degree of sanctity “for he will be holy unto you”. From this verse our sages teach us the obligation to place the Cohen ahead of us in all matters pertaining to “kedusha”- holiness, and to make sure his honor is always upheldproperly.

On the other hand, if their is a wicked leader who is arrogant and is more concerned with himself than the welfare of his people, andplaces his own honor above the honor of G-d and the needs of the nation, there is no longer any obligation to respect him.

The verse “thou shalt not curse a ruler from amongst your people” (Exodus 22) applies only when that leader “does acts that are acts of the people” (that is, goes according to Torah) (Baba Bathra 4, Baba Kama 94, Sanhedrin 85) If not, he does not have the “democratic right” to continue to reign, for his entire authority stems from his adherence to the Torah and its Mitzvot. If the Minister, Cohen or King strays or deviates from this path, his verdict is clear: He gets sent home, stripped of his post and impeached.

The government of Yitzhak Rabin has long lost its legitimate right to rule from a halachic and Torah standpoint, and history begs that theybe put out to pasture. This government abandons its brothers and sistersand seeks to destroy the Jewish character of the state. In their obsession with Universalism they rush to uproot anything which reminds them that Israel is exclusively a Jewish state and that the Jewish people are a chosen people. That is why they are so eager to surrender G-d given Jewish land, even Jerusalem, G-d forbid. That is why the time has come to send these corrupt politicians home. May G-d grant the people of Israelthe wisdom to save themselves before the wicked “leaders” of Israel succeed in implementing their deadly plot.

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