Shmot: Abortions in Israel

This column is dedicated to one of the most shocking, yet relatively undiscussed subjects – abortions in the State of Israel. There is an organization called “Efrat” whose primary goal is to increase the number of births of Jewish children in Israel. This group, which works with wonderful “msirus nefesh” in fighting the astronomical number of abortions in Israel, asked us to write about this subject for Parshat Shmot. Considering the critical nature of the matter, we are more than happy to fulfill this request. The fact is that he who remains quiet concerning the issue of elective abortions becomes a partner to this atrocious mass murder.

As society increasingly depicts abortions as representing “progress” and “womens rights”, the statistics regarding it have become more and more staggering. According to “Efrat”, more than 1,000,000 children have been killed since the beginning of the State. Yes, a genuine holocaust – and no one cares. According to a recent study, 60% of women who gave birth at Hadassah Hospital in Har HaZoftim admitted than they underwent an abortion “out of convenience” in the past. When the former Minister of Health Dr. Sadan took it upohn himself to fight against this phenomenon, playing a short film for the members of the Israeli Knesset depicting the abomination of abortions in Israel, and comparing this legal mass murder to the Holocaust in Europe, the Knesset members jumped out of their skin. What enraged them so? The murder of the fetuses? Of course not! What shocked these bleeding hearts was the fact that Mr. Sadan made the comparison of abortion to the Holocaust. He was forced to step down and relinquish his duties.

What is particularly fascinating, though, is the entire leftist, liberal approach to the subject. From their point of view, the more one supports abortions, the more “enlightened” that person is. You may ask: How does mass murder sit so well with humanitarian enlightened types? It’s quite simple! You see, the killing of a fetus is an expression of “freedom over one’s body”, feminism, and progressive advanced society! And what about the fetuses right to live? That is not relevant to the modern and progressive.

While every decent person would agree that child abuse is abhorrent, suddenly it becomes legitimate and even fashionable to kill a child in his mother’s womb. Technically speaking, harming a child one second after he leaves his mother’s womb is demented, but killing it a second before leaving his mother’s womb is “freedom over her body”. This gross perversion of morality is the result of morals that are dictated by man and not G-d. Not long ago, it was even reported that in certain gynecological clinics that perform abortions, dogs eat the remains of the baby after it has been grated from his mother’s womb.

Pay attention, dear readers. When Baruch Goldstein (may G-d avenge his blood), a doctor by profession, killed thirty of the Arab enemy in the Cave of the Patriarchs in order to prevent more non-stop spilling of Jewish blood, the liberal left was enflamed, condemning the act as the worst atrocity committed in the last few hundred years. On the other hand, when there is an agreement among doctors to kill 1,000,000 fetuses – 60,000 murders per year – that, my friends, is “progress”. There cannot be a more concrete example to display the unbridgable gap between Judaism and western culture: That which is seen in Judaism as heinous murder is considered by them to be progress, and that which is considered in Judaism as right and just is seen by them as heinous murder. Two completely opposite worlds with completely opposing concepts.

The following are passages that portray the magnitude of this atrocity, claiming more victims per year than all the traffic accidents and wars in Israel put together:

The Tiniest Human Being

Story of a Doctor: “Many years ago, after anesthetizing the woman for the sake of halting the pregnancy from outside the womb (second month), I held in my hand the tiniest human being ever seen. The fetus was impeccable – complete and transparent. It was a male full of energy swimming in the sac of water, adjoined by the umbilical cord to the wall of the sac. The miniature human being was completely developed – long and narrow fingers, feet and toes. Its skin was practically transparent. Its arteries and veins stood out until the tips of his fingers. The body was completely alive and was in no way similar to the pictures of fetuses that I had seen in the past. When the sac was opened, his life was terminated instantaneoulsy, and he looked just like one would expect a fetus to look like at this stage – lifeless.” (Dr. Paul N. Rockwell)

80 Cents Short

Story of a Chief of Staff: “I was born in Tel Adashim. The date was under dispute, until my father and the head of the village determined: January 11, 1929. I left my mother’s womb to breathe the world’s air because my parents were… too poor. Totally impovershed. Four children came before me, and my father could not provide for them. That is why my parents decided to spare me from such poverty and put and end to me – in my mother’s womb. But we were so poor that that my father couldn’t come up with the two liros necessary to perform the abortion. Through great effort my father was able to collect one liro and 20. He urged the doctors to do the abortion and he would pay the 80 grushim at a later date – but the doctors refused. No credit allowed, and a son was born. Now there were five children in the needy family. There were days when my parents would say jokingly: “This kid is worth two liros?” (Story of former Chief of Staff, Raful Eitan)

News and Commentary

The recent news regarding the youth in Israel is not encouraging. The statistics show heavy crime, violence in schools, and mass drug abuse that is shocking. And the politicians? They established a “War on Drugs” week, and expressed their “shock”. Not for nothing do we put these words in quotes. After all, what do they intend to do? Fight drugs? Stand up against violence that has risen 43% amongst Israeli youth this past year? Why, they are the cause of it! It is the Israeli leaders and educators who destroyed the values of Israeli society by trading in Jewish values for goyish ones. And indeed, the Jews have outdone the gentile. Who leads the famed drug parties in India? The Israeli youth! A real light unto the nations!

These leaders, who are the founding fathers of the violence and decadence in Israeli society choose to direct their energies not towards fighting the real problem, but rather choose to fight Judaism. They suddenly discover, in Judaism of all places, the “violence”, the “lack of morality”, and “chaos”. This is all a cynical attempt to divert attention from the real problem: The Chosen People are submersed in a decaying society infected with drugs as well as vicious and needless violence, and all this was brougt on by the Israeli leadership who ripped away from them real values.

How easy it would be to end here and say, “at least we are not like them”. But we have no right to say such things because we are bound by the obligation of being guarantors for our Jewish brothers. This is why we have stepped up our distribution of material and increased the out-reach work of the Meir Youth Group among schools and circles with which we once had seldom contact. And that is because we are aware of the fact that we have the capability of offering a real and attractive alternative to those particular youth who are looking to find themselves, and go looking as far as India to discover even more emptiness. It is we who can supply the youth what what they are searching for. The very fact that the establishment so opposes us is what enables us to offer an alternative in their eyes…

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